An effort to provide maximum possible energy self-sufficiency Grupo Exidecon Exportaciones offers a combined system kits for the generation of free energy, clean, quiet and inexhaustible.

For the maximum utilization of natural resources offered by the planet combined production of photovoltaic and wind are recommended for the purpose of when one of the two Systems has a drop of production the line will not apreciate the lack of energy.

The energy produced is stored in batteries giving a range of up to 48h. This creates an almost complete energy self-sufficiency of the house.

The durability of a photovoltaic panel ranges from 20-25 years (with 98% yield) and economic aspects of wind energy system components makes exceptionally profitable than investment in the system.

This system is ideal for remote or difficult access to the mains. And it offers the possibility to dump the excess energy network, obtaining benefits or discounts on turnover (depending on the host country's law).

The kits are designed for energy production "as" both for single family homes, water pumping stations, communities or plants to generate electricity on a large scale.

Taking each case individually, advising models that are more profitable and responsive.